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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  November 19, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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digging out. the aftermath of a tornado, still affecting hundreds of baltimore families. >> how long will the cleanup take? >> hi. i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> the tornado that ripped through northeast baltimore, and parkville, baltimore county, lifted the roofs off many families' homes. today, they're still devastated by that damage. mike schuh has the latest on the cleanup. >> reporter: confirmation has come. official diagnosis of what everyone here on the ground already knows. >> it's definitely a tornado. >> in the county, cleanup is nearly complete. most trees miss the nearby home. but less than a mile away -- >> it's going to be a long day. going to be a very long day, you know.
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>> kelly huan is helping his mother-in-law move. >> a bumpy path to a new apartment in the same complex. >> there's a lot of people who have to move things. >> reporter: people like marvin mcmillen. >> to me, this is a disaster and i didn't expect this. some 75 people like marvin have come here for help. >> the majority of people we've seen here now have been in the buildings that have been condemned. they're looking for food, replacement clothing. they can't go into their building right now. so the red cross is making sure that we're meeting those needs. >> reporter: that was mike schuh reporting. stay with wjz for first warning weather coverage. remember, wjz is always on. for live doppler radar, log onto a family dog is shot and killed at a popular park. right now, the federal police officer who pulled the trigger is on trial. denise is in the newsroom with details. >> the siberian husky named bear bear drew outrage from across the country.
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police shot the dog. in anne arundel county, shepherd's attorney argued that the shooting was justified. shepherd said he fired to protect himself, his wife, and their dog, when bear bear acted out of control. shepherd is charged with animal cruelty and firing his gun near homes. the prosecution has arrested and -- has rested and a judge will decide the outcome of the case. >> many people who support bear bear's owners came to court today with signs. a man is killed as he tries to push his broken-down car to safety on the baltimore washington parkway. police say the man was headed south when he was hit by another car around 1:00 this morning on route 97. the crash shut down southbound lanes of the parkway for four hours. he is accused of breaking into more than 100 cars. and today, he is in handcuffs. police arrested 41-year-old
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rory leftwitch from edgewood. they say his crime started in edgewood, and targeted cars in baltimore and howard counties. officers say they found $45,000 worth of stolen items in his home, including over 100gps units. the harford county sheriff's office is trying to return everything to its owner. today, baltimore is laying a mentor to rest. family and friends gathered at morgan state university for the funeral of boxing trainer mack louis. for more than half a century, he taught thousands of baltimore men, to box and counseled them on life. we'll have much more on today's services coming up tonight at 5:00. get ready for holiday traffic headaches. maryland officials say this thanksgiving, the roads are going to be bad. alex demetrick is live in the newsroom with the new travel predictions from the mta. there will be a 2% increase in traffic over last year's thanksgiving holiday period. now, wednesday is expected to
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be the busiest travel day, with many people hitting the roads on thursday, too. if your trip takes you on i-95, the mta says your best bet is to drive before 6:00 p.m. and after 11:00 -- before 6:00 a.m. and after 11:00 p.m. it could result in some backup all the way back into harford county. >> police will also be increasing seat belt enforcement after dark. thanksgiving may be just around the corner. but the beautiful fall weather is sticking around, apparently. plenty of sunshine and dry conditions as we take a live look outside. wjz has weather and traffic together. meteorologist tim williams is here with the updated numbers. hi, tim. >> hello, kai. definitely nothing even remotely on our radar today. we have blue skies and sunshine. albeit a little cool because of the wind from the west/northwest. we were down into the 50s. 43% relative humidity, that wind from the west is a dry
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one. nothing really associated with it, as far as rain is concerned. and the barometer is 30.25 and steady. but that is a pretty high reading. so high pressure is definitely in control. we'll tell you how long these conditions stay with us and how warm the weekend will get. in your complete updated first warning forecast. >> all right, tim. thank you. we'll go out to our roads with sharon gibala. >> good afternoon, everyone. despite pretty perfect driving conditions, weatherwise, we have accidents working. one is on the beltway. it is on the shoulder, but we have delays behind it. you can see the speed sensors there in the 20s. also, dulaney valley road there. accident in perry hall. a few more in the towson area. and falls road at schumacher. and harrison boulevard.
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and hale thorpe. one more accident in severn, newport road at i-97. 29 miles per hour. on the outer loop between 85 and 83. >> slow and go between 175 and 32. and in the southbound lanes, watch for some sun glare. then there's a look outside at the top side of the beltway, where we have that accident at york road. if you've suffered a personal injury, visit 1- -- visit the cochran firm. another trip for president obama. joel brown is at the white house with details. >> this round table of world
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leaders signed off on one of president obama's top priorities. and exit strategy. they plan to start gradually withdrawing troops. >> this is an opportunity for us to align an approach in afghanistan. >> the escalating war is dominating discussions at nato's two-day summit. of the 140,000 coalition troops, two-thirds are american. but a record number of allied casualties this year is ramping up pressure for an exit plan. the president wants to fully hand over security to the afghans by the end of 2014. >> here at the white house, the administration is eager to show that the president is not taking his eye off the nation's economy, even though he's back on the road. >> in meetings with the prime minister, it the translate into jobs. >> creating jobs and prosperity
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for our people. >> but not everyone is on the same page. saturday, the president sits down with leaders. while the white house favors more stimulus spending, more europeans are featuring drastic spending cuts and tax hikes. despite the differences, all say they want to cooperate. a united front. and an economic crisis. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> president obama and his european counterparts are also planning to talk about ways to work together on other security issues. after over a week off, the ravens are back in action again this weekend. they're heading down there. >> well, this one is unanimous. my colleagues on tv and radio, all in agreement, the ravens are going to win this thing. the only question is by how much. the score i predict is 3113. stan says much closer.
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bulldog, david yavy. and the morning team of norris and davis. >> coming up next hour, i'll ask some of the players about their opponent. not taking carolina as lightly as so-called experts, back to you. >> you can view it sunday live at 1:00 here on wjz 13. still ahead at 4:00. shoppers shoved out of the way. a quiet trip to the jewelry store turns scary. did police catch these thieves? doctors are using botox to treat extreme pain. attention, frequent flyers. it's time to drink up. which airline is now offering happy hour in the skies. are they charging for it? or will it be free? >> that's a good question. come friday weather, will it last through the weekend?
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the answer is still ahead.
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a group of thieves charge into a california jewelry store, leaving shoppers and workers powerless. so far, police arrested three suspects, believed to be involved. all but one suspect has been on bond. investigators say none of the stolen jewelry, though, has been recovered. a fire breaks out. at emma's bridal, all but six gallons were destroyed in a huge blaze. the flames spread to four other businesses, including a nearby radio shack. no one was hurt, but the dreams of many bridal customers were dampened. investigators have not yet
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identified what caused the fire. in today's wjz healthwatch report, millions of people suffer from chronic migraines every year. randall pinkston reports for wjz, the fda has just approved a conventional treatment to help them cope with those debilitating treatments. >> reporter: teresa cantily has suffered from debilitating migraines for years. >> i would struggle to make it through work. >> reporter: the 49-year-old tried medication after medication, but nothing helpedded. as a last resort, her doctor recommended an unconventional treatment, botox. >> i was afraid to try it at first. >> botox was first known for getting rid of wrinkles. >> some had migraine headaches. and they found when i got the injections in the forehead, when i got injections around the eye, it simed to actually help my headache. >> reporter: doctors have been
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using botox to treat migraines for year. but it has been approved for those who suffer migraines 15 days or more a month. >> it blocks transmission from the nerve to the muscle. causing the muscle to relax. migraine sufferers need 20 to 40 injections in the forehead, temple, head and back. >> the goal of any of these treatments is not to cure your headache. it is actually to decrease the intensity of the headache, decrease the frequency of the headache. >> teresa says it's working for her. >> i was able to function much better, manage the migraines with less medications. >> reporter: she needs injections every three months, because the muscles eventually return to normal. and while she says she can feel those needle pricks, she says it's nothing compared to the pain of migraines. randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> with fda approval, insurance is now more likely to cover the botox treatment for migraines. and wall street end the
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week on a winning note? the markets did end the day up slightly. dow was up 22. s&p up 3. nasdaq up 4. let's go to new york right now. after we look at those numbers. where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. wallwall street's excitement over general motors seems to have died down. shares of the new gm are not doing as well on their second day, hovering around $34 a share, after rallying 4% in their market debut thursday. investors are watching to see if the stocks fall below its initial offering price of $34 a share. hara's entertainment is canceling its public stock offering. the casino operator, which has lost some this year, was hoping to return to the stock market, three years after going private. federal reserve chairman, ben bernanke is defending the feds' $600 million bond buy-back
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program. he said it's needed to reduce the economy and unemployment. at a speech, bernanke also said congress needs to approve more stimulus aid. --ed a. traders fear it could slow down the country's growth. and that's your money watch. for more, had to cbs money at the new york stock exchange, i'm alexis christoforous. >> thank you. listen up, frequent flyers. american airlines is taking happy hour to the skies. beginning december 1st, the airline will feature $5 alcoholic drinks. for those. here's the catch. the flights must depart between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. the offer will stand until the new year. >> and we now know the price, $5. what are they usually? $10 apiece? >> is that what happy hour normally is? we're normally here for happy
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hour, so we wouldn't know. >> this is our happy hour. coming up on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. bed bug invasion. the unexpected way they could get into your home during thanksgiving. getting ready to feed thousands for thanksgiving day at the bee gaddy -- ba gaddy center. cooler air and sunny skies. the updated forecast is just ahead. wjz 13 is always on. for the top stories on, for instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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look at that beautiful sunshine. >> that's pretty. >> on this friday. purple friday afternoon. >> yeah. you know, based on today, and we'll explain this a little later. i think three wise men are following that from the east. >> does kind of look like that. >> journey of the madgei. -- magi. >> and of course, we will explain that in a minute.
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but the sunset is looking gorgeous. take a look at current conditions. we're looking at temperatures around 53 degrees. 28 is our dew point. humidity at 42%. we are looking at wind from the west, 5 miles per hour, ushering in the chilly air. but it's going to be very dry. high pressure in control. 30.27 and pretty steady is your barometer reading. 39 in oakland. 48 in elk -- elkton. down on the shore. just a light breeze around most of the area. and just a delightful afternoon shaping up. what we're going to be watching is a fast, clipper system. moving well to our north and across the region. that's going to be the reason that we pick up in wind tomorrow. winds will be pretty gusty tomorrow. then we'll start to look at a bit of warming to the beginning of the week. we cannot rule out, though, heading right into the day before thanksgiving and thanksgiving day, that there
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will not be another system moving through. could bring us rain heading into the middle of the week. the positive side, though, is that while the cooler air stays to the north, the mild temperature brings us into about our average, 55 right now. and even if there is rain by the middle of the week, we'll stay with temperatures that are on the mild side. we're talking 60s. and this time of november, we can't really complain much about that. winds from the west on the bay, 5 to 10 knots. 5:11 is your next high tide at fort mchenry. with that said, forecast looks like this. temperatures around 33 degrees tonight. a moonless sky. just at the average of about 34. mostly sunny, windy tomorrow. 58 degrees. again, a pretty cool and brisk day. but not too terribly uncomfortable. wjz family, a little bigger tonight. jessica kartalija, delivered a baby boy today. >> that's right. michael andrew weighed 7 pounds. they're calling him "andy ,"
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congratulations to jessica and brian. >> look at his little head. he's beautiful. beautiful. >> adorable. >> we could just run that the -- that the rest of the newscast. >> he looks so beautiful right there. >> he does. very nice. >> congratulations, guys. >> enjoy. >> very nice. >> don't miss tonight's prime time cbs lineup at 10:00. it's the hit police drama, blue bloods, followed by eyewitness news at loafn:00. next at 4:00, an update on missing second grader kyron horman. the new clues deviding his parents. a bone uncovered in aruba. the new information that could link it to natalee holloway. midair scare. what happened when a huge crack opened up a plane's windshield? it's all caught on tape. it's all caught on tape. eyewitness news at 4:00 ,,,,,,,,
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store just before4:30. 53 degrees and scattered clouds. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. >> without a trace, second grader kyron horman disappeared six months ago and there are still no clues in the case wjz continues to follow the story. when tyronormman went missing june 4th, his biological parents weren't together, but they always stood together. >> i don't know how i'm getting through it. >> reporter: that changed when she criticizedicize his decision. indicating he withheld information before kyron disappeared. she said that terri horn had a
4:29 pm
hatred for kyron. >> some of the comments desiree made are shocking. do they surprise you? >> i wouldn't say they surprise me. this has been going on for a long time. we're all really strung out. >> reporter: though terri is not talking, this past week, dive teams searched under water for the first time. volunteers have scoured a nearby island. still, nothing. >> how much do you worry that people will forget? >> i worry about it all the time. we went out yesterday to one of the local malls and passed out flyers to the businesses and a couple of comments. i thought he was home already. and that just reaffirms that we got to keep getting it out there. >> reporter: while searching, kaine horman still holds down a full-time job and acts as a single parent to 2-year-old kiara. >> how challenging is that for you? >> it's a heavy load.
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but you just step up. >> kaine horman said the last time he spoke with terri was in june when he walked out with the couple's daughter. and he has no plans to see her, other than in court. crucial evidence, linking a jaw bone to natalee holloway. >> reporter: tonight, vic, a forensic scientist in aruba is confirming that jaw bone belongs to a woman. but it is unclear if it is that of natalee holloway. natalee holloway disappeared disappeared during a trip. now, dutch officials are asking for her dental records to see if it's a match. experts say it could answer a lot of questions. >> i think the issue of a bone fragment is very important. how did it become a fragment? was there some kind of a mechanical trauma? and what does it mean? can we learn anything from this fragment, especially the edges? are there tool marks? is there any information that
4:31 pm
could help us determine the cause of death? >> reporter: natalee holloway was last seen with joran van der sloot. he is now in prison in peru, charged with another woman's murder. >> experts say dna from the bone could also help identify whether or not it belongs to natalee holloway. a landmark settlement. hundreds of millions of dollars are headed to the first responders to the world trade center. more than 10,000 have joined in a legal settlement for ground zero workers. 500 people declined to take the offer. the settlement will provide at least $625 million to be divided among the workers. false alarm. a suspicious package, found near a munich, germany flight. it was found in a namibbian airport. it was originally believed to be a bomb but was only a test. early reports indicated that the police conducted the test.
4:32 pm
yesterday came the same day germany raised its terrorist alert levels. a midair scare. and this was not a test. a windshield crack forces a flight to head to california to make an emergency landing. amy murphy spoke with a passenger on that flight. >> immediately the copilot, i mean, instinctively, just put on a mask. and the face shield. and then the crack started -- he said the cracks really started to spread. >> reporter: mike fleming describes tense moments on delta flight 1795, from atlanta to orange county. >> and the pilot came on and said, ladies and gentlemen, i just want to let you know, we've got a little problem up here in the cockpit. we're going to be descending kind of rapidly. we need to get down below 10,000 feet. we have a crack in the windshield. >> reporter: it was at this point, fleming grabbed his smart phone and started recording the messages. >> no air is leaking into the airplane. no glass is breaking anything
4:33 pm
like that. but we cannot continue on to santa ana, as you can imagine. >> everybody went kind of [ gasp [ ] [ >> he also took a photo of the inflight monitor, which shows the flight plan. >> it shows how we made a quick, hard left. >> reporter: that hard left was followed by rapid descent from 34,000 feet for that emergency landing in dallas. >> mike fleming used the plane's wi-fi to let his friends and family know what was going on. the cause of the crack is being investigated by the faa. a major theft is under investigation in anne arundel county tonight. three men stole flat-screen tvs from a wal-mart. they say between 10:00 and 10:30, the men took flat screens. surveillance cameras catch the men. anyone with information should call detectives at 410-222- 6155. college students might bring home more than dirty
4:34 pm
laundry this thanksgiving. there is concerns they could carry bed bugs. mare sein the newsroom to explain. >> reporter: yes, denise, we have heard about bed bugs in hotel rooms. but they are also popping up in college dorms. bed bugs were found in at least five buildings at george washington university in washington, d.c. and with students preparing to head home for the holidays, the bugs could be hiding in their luggage. experts say most college students have recently dealt with bed bugs. so there is a chance a student you know has been exposed. the best advice, put the students' clothes directly in the washer on a hot water setting and vacuum their luggage. more work for all of the moms out there, denise. >> you might want to do that anyway. >> you're right. george washington has treated three of the bed bug cases on his campus. the other two will be treated within a week. sarah palin has a new book coming out next week. and portions have been leaked on the internet. in the book, palin expresses her strong opinions on everything from the current
4:35 pm
administration to reality tv. manuel gallegus has more from new york. >> reporter: sarah palin's new book doesn't say whether she'll run for president. but with another popular show, she appears to be laying the groundwork, as she suggested to barbara walter. >> if you ran for president, could you beat barack obama? >> i believe so. >> reporter: in america by heart, palin takes a swipe at president barack obama, saying he's among those who seem to believe that tea party is racially prejudice. she also goes after the first lady, suggesting michelle obama hasn't shown enough pride in her country. palin's first book sold 2 million copies. the new book has a printing of 1 million, expecting to be another best seller. palin criticizes american idol, saying contestants embarrass themselves, but calls dancing with the stars an uplifting family-oriented show and says
4:36 pm
her daughter bristol is challenging herself in a new way. and palin takes aim at the media for taking so much attention at her daughter's ex- fiance, levi johnson. she said it was disgusting to watch as his 15 minutes of fame were explicitted by the support of supposed adults taking advantage of a lost kid. the book isn't officially released until next tuesday. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. >> palin worked with a ghost writer on both of her books and is manning -- planning a multistate book tour. still feels pretty pleasant out there. wjz has weather and traffic out there. bob is here with first warning weather. >> it's a little on the cool side. but not that much wind. awfully nice day. and that will continue pretty much all weekend long. right now we're at 53 degrees. no precipitation around here. in fact, when we open it up, nothing around for hundreds of miles.
4:37 pm
looks like they'll probably stay that way throughout the entire weekend. it will be milder tomorrow. and turning a little cooler again on sunday. back and forth, back and forth. above it all, a nice fall weekend. going to get some shopping done this weekend. denise? >> might have to do that. let's check on the radios with sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> hi there. good afternoon, everyone. if you are about to head out, you can head out to the jam. we have some accidents out there that could cause you delays. one of them is going to be on future. that one at the hayden memorial bridge. blocking all lanes. you'll want to take 95 as your alternate there. one accident on conowingo road. honeygo boulevard. and four accidents in the city. winston avenue at grove avenue. eastern and south broadway. reisterstown. and a crash in catonsville. there's a look at your drive times and speeds and the beltway. in the mid-30s.
4:38 pm
with 19 and 18-minute drive times. we can take a live look outside. that's 95 at 175. still have some delays there in the north and southbound lanes. also want to watch for some sun glare there. there say live look at the top side of the beltway. heavy volume also there, in the inner and outer loop. and a look at 70. typical westbound delay. this traffic report is brought to you by the 2011 sonata. one of only two cars that received five stars for safety. now just $199 a month. back to your baltimore dealer. preparations for the annual bea gaddy thanksgiving dinner are well under way. but this year, with lower supply and higher demand. the center is hoping more donations come their way. >> reporter: with less than a week to go, volunteers at the bea gedde -- bea gaddy center are hard -- at work. >> oh, my. being out and busy doesn't even count anymore. >> they're moving dozens of
4:39 pm
turkeys to refrigerators. >> what makes the 300-pound turkey inside this is. a way to give back to the community. after more than 30 years, the center is trying to do more more with less. >> we weren't able to get as many cooked turkey as we really need. i think we got about 300 pounds or so. and normally, we try to get about 600 pounds. >> reporter: november of 2000 was the last thanksgiving dinner. the center's founder, bea gaddy attended before she died. >> about 4,000 to 5,000 last year. but that was very low for us. >> this year, they expect to feed double that number. and they also deliver food boxes to up to 20,000 shut-ins. >> reporter: no, i'm sorry. we no longer have that service. >> reporter: gaddy's son says the economy has hit them hard. >> more people are calling with the need. but it's just tough to need it. >> reporter: but he says his mom always found a way to feed
4:40 pm
anyone who was hungry, so they will, too. andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> if you would like to make a donation to the bea gaddy center, log onto the and click on local news. straight ahead on wjz's eyewitness news. at 4:00. more trapped minerrers. -- miners. 29 men trapped underground. what is making their rescue extra difficult. how facebook caused a major scare. and will the sun hang around for the weekend? the answer in the forecast.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. more than two dozen miners still are missing. but rescue workers say it is still too dangerous to go looking for them. rescuers say potential gas buildup is keeping them out of the mine. two others were able to get to the surface after the blast overnight. there is no word on whether survivors are together or in
4:44 pm
separate groups. we're learning more about the mechanical issue that crippled a qantas super jumbo jet in midflight two weeks ago. the damaged engine that reportedly blew apart over indonesia. passengers say they heard several loud booms. the plane made emergency landing. no word yet on what caused the accident. the seattle police department is under fire under controversial arrest. mary has more. >> reporter: and denise --s not just how the officer arrested but who he arrested as well. police were looking for robbery suspects when an yumped cover -- undercover officer forced the store and was kicking a teen in the groin before other officers arrive. but police say the teen is seen walking into the store the opposite direction of the robbery. witnesses say the teen looked
4:45 pm
genuinely surprised by the commotion. he is one of among those. >> seattle police insist the teen was part of the group. but the officer is on administrative leave. a man convicted of killing his wife while on their honeymoon. watson served 18 month negligence prison in a melbourne prison for the manslaughter of his wife. officials say he will not face death penalty charges when he's sentenced in the u.s. a bomb bomb scare forces a middle school to evacuate. the bogus threat came come a -- from a facebook user all the way in saudi arabia. ryan lloyd explains. >> reporter: a facebook threat messaged to several students at deerpark middle school sent them packing for the day. 1600 students total were forced out of of class, while authorities check today out. >> -- checked it out. >> we had to determine if he was in this area, not in this
4:46 pm
area. and boy, to our surprise, he is in saudi arabia. >> reporter: not only did he send the threat from thousands of miles away, he is also a juvenile. the fbi has taken over this international case. >> we are exploring charges of charging him here locally, for false alarm or report. >> reporter: student leaders are messaging students. >> when you are being a cyber friend, you don't know who they are. >> reporter: they may not always be aware of who is out there to trick them. >> reporter: and they do troll that internet to see who they can find, who might be vulnerable. >> it's very scary for parents. and don't know what is going on with the kids and all that. >> reporter: this woman's 7th grade kid was evacuated yesterday. >> using facebook and all of that. and chatting and hot mail and all of that, with different people from different parts of the world. and i'm telling her, that that's not safe. that's very unsafe. >> reporter: school leaders say the suspect had access to the
4:47 pm
student's private information, including cell phone numbers. >> now, the fbi will decide how to proceed with the case. but officials in austin say they will file the local charges themselves. and a judge is ordering facebook to hand over some status updates. lawyers in california have subpoenaed the website for updates posted by a jury foreman. the jury believes it will prove the foreman engaged in misconduct during a beating trial. he posted he was bored in court, and a friend's influence may have influenced his vote. farrell sued the bank for making unauthorized purchases in 2008. but he lost the $18 million arbitration case. now he's being forced to pay more than $600,000 in legal fees. there is a tragedy for marie osmond. she speaks out about the pain of losing her son. mark steines has more from hollywood.
4:48 pm
>> reporter: coming up on entertainment tonight, marie osmond talks to mary hart about the son she lost to suicide. >> do you feel michael's presence on a daily basis here? >> um -- >> that is easily understandable. just over a week had pass the since marie opened up to oprah about the tragedy of her loss. >> how did you manage through it? >> the main reason i did it that way is because she said she would designate the whole hour so you could get to know him and understand things, which was nice. it's nice to be able to know you did it, you did it correctly, and you're not going to walk down a red carpet and be sidetracked on something. so it was an opportunity to talk about it and let people know that -- you know, who my son was. >> reporter: marie is currently performing in las vegas and has a new cd, i can do this, the proceeds of which will go toward other troubled young
4:49 pm
people. >> it's kind ofeer tagged to help out depression in young people, on behalf of my son. log cabin, where kate said yes. plus, we have heidi and spencer, renewing their vows. our wedding exclusive. that and much more coming up here on entertainment tonight. >> and you can see entertainment tonight, here at 7:30, here on wjz. the iphone does just about everything. and now it can even save you from a speeding ticket. apple has developed a new app that can turn your iphone into a radar detector. it warns drivers when speed traps, red light cameras and dangerous intersections are approaching. it costs about $170. but some drivers say it sure beats paying a $50 ticket every time they run a red light. which they shouldn't be doing because it's dangerous and against the law. one couple set a new record. they can't seem to get their head out of the clouds. and they are the tallest married couple in the world. they made their debut yesterday
4:50 pm
at the guinness world record museum in hollywood. together, the couple stands at a combined 13'4." well, who is that behind them? >> that's a statue of the tallest man. >> oh. i thought that was the minister who married them or something. >> no, he's dead. [ laughter ] well, the sun is beating after a beautiful day. >> bob turk has the first warning forecast next. ,,,,,,,,,
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live look outside now. we can see the orange glow of the setting sun. by the way, if you're heading down to north carolina for football sunday, sunshine around 70 degrees down there in charlotte. pretty nice conditions. i understand a lot of folks are driving or flying down. around here, it's going to be a pretty nice weekend. let's take a look at
4:54 pm
temperatures. a few high, thin clouds out there. 57 degrees. dew point. much dryer air comes in. west winds down to 5. barometer, holding steady at 30.27 inches. 53, 36 today. our average high, now 55. average low at 34. and the records, 1928. 77. 1936, 20 degrees on this date. and exactly one year ago from today, a month from now, we had our first december blizzard. remember? and that was a record, by the way. 50 in ocean city. 48 in elkton and hagerstown. dry air tonight. it will be chilly tonight. winds will be dying down. most places, except right near the water, will get around freezing. winds to the west and southwest. very light, under 10 miles an hour. as you can see, a lot different colder air out west. snow in the mountains there.
4:55 pm
even seattle might even see some snow, which is a little rare. usually get rain in the 40- degree range. but right now, very cold air, heading into the ridiculousies. that is going -- the rockies. that is going to move into the plains. we're not going to see that here. a lot of warm air actually moving into the central plains. temporarily, at least for a few days, may look pretty mild. doesn't look like we'll get pretty cold until just after thanksgiving. looks like a chilly day, but should be dry. high pressure over the east coast now. means a cool, breezy, up to our north. but a cool night tonight. however, mild air comes right in on saturday. and then it turns a little cooler here on sunday. so we'll see some changes this weekend. but no major weather features. west winds, 5 to 10 knots. bay temp around 54 degrees. sunrise, 6:55. sets at 4:49. tonight, generally clear skies. average low is 44. get them out, 33, 32. tomorrow, back up in the upper
4:56 pm
50s. above normal. a lot of sunshine. but it will be a bit breezy. and the winds coming out of the west and southwest. a nice start to the weekend. it will stay dry all weekend long. and i guess that's good for your outdoor plans. >> yes. my bulb planting. thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. a battle in the courtroom over a dog's death. tonight, the officer who shot the dog explains why he pulled thth,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up next on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. a bitter battle over a police officer accused of killing a former pet. cleaning up the damage. wjz is there, as weem pick up the pieces for a devastating tornado. why some may never be able to
4:59 pm
return home. if you are hitting the road had thanksgiving season, you are not alone. in fact, millions will be joining you. i'm weijia jiang, with your complete travel forecast next. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking niewgz. >> "eyewitness news at 5:00" starts now. a trip to the dog park turns deadly. a family's pet, shot. >> now are the police officer who -- the police officer who pulled the trigger takes the stand in his own defense. >> i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> a dog trial. the officer just took the st


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